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The Discipline Log

I’ve been meaning to share this for some time.  Daddy has me keep a discipline log…to track my transgressions and how each was addressed.  It’s a visual reminder that can be reviewed as necessary.

I forgot to write something in my discipline log one evening, after receiving several cracks across my ass (seriously, I never did write it down, so I still don’t remember what it was).  The next day when Daddy asked if I remembered why I had been punished, I couldn’t remember.  When he asked if I wrote it down, I looked down at my hands in my lap, knowing full well what was coming.

He told me to go to the bedroom.

Waiting there, was the log.  He asked me to open it and write, “I will not forget to write down my punishments” ten times.

As you can see…I did so…while being punished for not having done so when I was supposed to.

Obviously, I have a bit of trouble writing when my ass is being smacked repeatedly.

And then came the fucking.  The very vigorous thrusting.  And my writing went to complete shit.

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